TravelAfterWork(TAW Group) 在之前的文章给大家提及了信用以及信用分数的重要性在美国,以及如何能快速的积攒分数。但是能破坏我们信用分数的最大黑手是什么呢?那就是忘记还款。英文 term 叫做 delinquency。


After you miss your second payment, you are 30 days delinquent and so on. Technically, a consumer becomes delinquent after missing a single monthly payment. However, delinquency is not generally reported to the major credit bureaus until two consecutive payments have been missed.


  1. Due Day过后的30天之内,银行是不会报告给各大信用机构(Credit Bureau)的,基于银行和用户的相互谅解,及所谓的Courtesy。这期间,银行会收取Late Fee 和 Interest。但是大家注意,在这期间,你如果及时把欠款付清,那不妨立马给银行的Customer Service打电话,想好理由,例如这段时间自己工作太忙,旅行太多,大家自行脑补各种理由哈。银行一般都会把Late Fee 和Interest 给你Waive掉。在美国生活,这些基本的Argue技巧还是要掌握的。
  2. Due Day  过后的 30-60天,这时候会根据各个银行开始有不同。有些银行不会report给信用机构,但是有些会,例如FIA,据我所知,过了30天之后就会report给信用机构。
  3. Due Day 过后的60天,这时候,事情getting pretty serious,因为银行首先关掉你的信用卡,然后report各大信用机构。而且一旦这个Delinquency被信用机构定性,那么将会carry on 7年在你的信用报告上面。首先,你的信用分数会大幅下降,保守估计60-100分之间都有可能,直接后果就是你可能以后租房会有问题,因为有好多房主需要你的信用报告,长远一些有可能会影响到你买房买车。最严重的是可能,非常非常小的可能性,除非是特殊职位,雇主会觉得你的background check fail掉,但是这个基本不可能。


如果我们发现我忘记还款过了在30天之内,立马还钱,致电银行,一切都没问题。但是如果超过了30天或是更加严重超过了60天,就需要我们动动脑筋了。我们在之前的帖子中反复提过,衡量一个人的信用是比较复杂的事情,需要综合考虑,包括你所持有的信用卡数量,种类,你是否按时还款,是否有房贷车贷等等。所以如果这次超过60天的late payment在你的信用卡生涯中,是第一次发生,那么基本上可以肯定没问题。

1.电话银行客服,一般普通的客服,给出答案是“我们都是按照规定,提交到了Bureau,就不能更改”。但是不要放弃,要求和manager直接对话,这时候一定要哭爹喊娘,细说自己的各种情况,跪求 manager做Investigation。比如,我一共7张信用卡,每张信用卡我都一直按时还款,没有任何不良记录,我还有车贷,我有全职工作,完全有能力偿还payment,下次一定改正,并且设置成autopay,再比如,我这段时间由于工作在全美和世界各地travel,很多时候网络,让我错过和忘记了还款。记得态度一定要真诚,不能修饰的部分是我们有多少信用卡,因为这个可以从信用报告看到,但是可以修饰的是,你的工作繁忙程度,manager可以问你,但是他们是不会也不能让你出示。其实你说什么不重要,你的理由只是让manager可以帮咱们开始做Investigation。他们会查看你的信用记录,来综合考虑,如果之前没有任何不良记录,是一定会通过的。具体流程就是银行和Credit Bureau联系取消这个Delinquency,然后要等大概4个星期的时间,Credit Bureau会完成update,这时候再去Credit Karma上查看信用分数,应该已经涨回来了。

2.除此之外有些银行会要求用户提交一个书面的解释他们才能开始做Investigation,这里面给大家贴一个我之前用过的Goodwill Letter, 希望对大家有用。

To Fidelity Investment Bank

Re: Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXX

Dear Credit Card Company,
I am writing to you today regarding my account #XXXXXX. The purpose of my correspondence is to see if you would be willing to make a “goodwill” adjustment on the reporting of this account to the three credit agencies. I would like to explain the situation and ask for your courtesy of removing delinquency from three major credit bureau files (Experian, TransUnion, & Equifax). I sincerely hope your credit department can investigate my case and give me a chance to fix this and rebuild my relationship with FIA. I am willing to do everything that I can do to remedy this.

I understand that paying the bill on time was my responsibility. I am not attempting to justify this breach of our user agreement, I sincerely hope you might review the circumstance under which this non-payment occurred and consider removing the negative trade line associated with this account. As soon as I found there is a balance pass due, I immediately contact your consumer service and paid the balance in full. Please give me a chance to explain the circumstance.

First, I was very busy and traveling very frequently for business and personal affairs. I forgot to bring FIA with me. I thought there was no balance on this card (36.82 dollar balance). I know this is definitely not an excuse. I am just willing to let you know this post due is rare to me. Here are the details of my travel. I certainly can submit my evidence if you would like to check.

12/17/2014 – 12/25/2014 Puerto Rico, Vocation
12/26/2105- 01/02/2015 Las Vegas – Death Valley, Vocation
01/04/2015 – 01/15/2015 Tennessee, Knoxville, Business
01/17/2015- 01/23/2015 From New Jersey to King of Prussia, PA, Business
02/12/2015-02/15/2015 Washington, DC, Personal Affairs
02/25/2015-02/29/2015 Jersey Shore, PA, Business
03/05/2015-03/08/2015 Philadelphia, PA, Business and Personal Affairs

Second, I hold this FIA Amex credit since 2011. I have been a very loyal member of FIA more than 4 years. I also hold the debit card from FIA investments too. I keep good relationship with FIA and I did enjoy the benefits along with FIA investment rewards card. I really appreciate FIA issued my second credit card. In order to avoid this again, I will set up auto payment as well as notice warning on my calendar.

Third, I have an excellent credit history. My current FICO score is 730. Please do me a favor to check out my full credit report. I have more than 10 credit cards from nearly all the major banks. I also have one car mortgage from Toyota. I keep all of them in good track, low balance, and pay them on time.

Forth, I am working as a fulltime since last June. The annual salary is around 60,000 dollars. I do not have financial crisis. I am willing to submit my W2 to your office for check. I know this is definitely not an excuse neither, I am simply hoping you can understand that I have the ability to pay my credit card and I did not delay this payment on purpose.

I have been to USA for almost 5 years. I understand how important to keep good credit for my current and future life. Please give me a chance to remedy this one-time mistake. I am willing to make the commitment to rebuilding trust with your FIA. I sincerely appreciate all your time and effort.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to affect to your decision and please also to contact me by phone or email if need be. Thank you.