今天是2016年1月8日,黑色星期五,羊毛党史上最黑暗的一天:蓝鸟、Serve、Nationalwide Buxx、Paypal cash、evolve money等等制造消费(Manufacture Spending)的工具都在这年初离我们远去。

回想一年前Amazon Payment的死,和不久前红鸟的死,已经造成了相当大的轰动,但相比之下是远远不及这次的大规模扼杀的。


所谓制造消费(MS),就是利用信用卡返现以及各种折扣deal,通过购买VISA/MASTERCARD的现金礼品卡或是充值卡Reload Card获取返现,然后再将这些卡片里等值的现金重新“转移”到某一支票账户/预付费账户里。通过这一流程达到基本没有花费(用“基本”因为多数充值途径或者购买现金礼卡需要花费少量手续费或者叫做激活费)而制造大量信用卡返现或者里程、点数。



我们之前写过有关“如何完成开卡消费”的帖子,以及对去年新推出的serve系列的讲解,但今天很多定期使用Serve/蓝鸟 MS的朋友都收到了Amex的邮件(由于我是softserve,下面邮件是对应版本的):

Termination Of Funds Loading Capabilities on Your Serve® Account

Dear XXXX,

We are writing to let you know that we have observed unusual usage patterns on your American Express Serve Account. Because of this, effective immediately, you will no longer be able to add money to your Account.1 We have made this change in accordance with Section 15.d of our Consumer User Agreement, which you can view here.

Please be aware that you continue to have full access to the funds on your Account and can withdraw them at any time. Any applicable monthly fees continue to apply.

Once your balance reaches $0, please close your Account online via your Profile page accessible here. Scroll down to the Close Account section and click “Close Account.”

If you have any questions or would like to inquire further about this issue, you may write to us at the following address:

American Express
C/O Customer Relations 02-04-40
4315 S 2700 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84184-0440

The American Express Serve Team

从上面的term里可以看到,  serve是不希望我们去制造消费的,MS被定义为 inappropriate (e.g., manufacture activity that is inconsistent with the intended use of the Account)

没有收到的朋友如果今后大量使用load GC 然后pay bill或者withdraw 迟早也会被关的~所以建议大家留在关键的时候使用,比如急需完成开卡要求什么的,当然了如果现金流足够,完成开卡也不是什么大事,都买VGC甚至AGC屯着慢慢用就是了,甚至可以偶尔venmo一下,其他方式详情查看这里

【Paypal cash之死】

这个目前不是大规模的,我是已经收到2次alert之后继续load paypal cash进paypal然后再转到paypal prepaid,这第三次警告就是Permanently limited了,而且是No appeal。网上很多datapoint都表明已经陆续收到了Paypal的alert,但是还能用;有的朋友paypal账户被limited了,发信解释一下就能解冻。

Paypal一旦被封,可以建小号继续使用ebay,但不要SSN去verify,因此不能继续load money,但是可以在ebay上继续买东西。

所以Brett建议大家也放慢Load paypal cash的节奏,留在关键的时候再用。

【Nationwide Buxx 削弱】

这算是一个小众的alternative MS吧,可以每load 500刀只花2刀的费用,而在今年1月11日以后,这个MS tool也变弱许多,根据Doctor of credit的信息,每周每卡只能load 200刀,而手续仍然是2刀。

When a parent orders a Nationwide Bank Visa Buxx Card for the first time, the minimum card value is $20.00 and the maximum card value is $100.00. After the Teen receives the Card, the minimum reload value is $10.00 and the maximum reload value is $200.00 per card, per week.

【Evolve money 关门】

Evolve money是一个可以用信用卡、prepaid card来付Loan的一个工具,也算是MS家族的一员吧,本人虽然没有用过,但用过类似Plastiq,然而今天,reddit上有人放出,Evolve已经向用户发了email通知,告知要关门走人了:

Dear Valued Customer,

Evolve Money was launched in early 2014 as a whole new way for consumers to pay their bills. Thousands of people have enjoyed the benefits of fast, convenient bill payments from any device. However, the payments landscape has changed dramatically and with it, our focus as a business.

Sadly, that means ending the Evolve Money service effective February 1, 2016.

Key Details:

  • Beginning February 1, 2016 you will no longer be able to submit payments using Evolve Money.
  • Any payments currently scheduled for delivery on or after February 1, 2016 will NOT be processed.

Cash Payments:

  • Beginning January 16, 2016 you will no longer be able to use REloadit or Evolve Pay Bucks Load Packs, which are identified as “Cash” as a payment source.
  • If you have credits remaining in your account because of prior Load Pack usage you MUST redeem them prior to February 1, 2016.
  • After February 1, 2016, you will still be able to access your Evolve Money account to review your payment history but you will be unable to make payments.
  • We would like to thank you for your support of Evolve Money these past two years. We realize this may pose an inconvenience and our Customer Support team is available to assist you at [email protected].

The Evolve Money Team