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Olive Garden


Olive Garden将于9月15日东部时间下午两点发售7星期任意Pasta的Never Ending Pasta Pass,价格为$100。采用网上销售的形式,销售时间为一小时。每人每次只能购买一张Pass。去年2000张pass在一秒内售罄,今年Olive Garden大手笔,说,来来来,我们是全美连锁大企业,我们有钱,我们发个21,000份!只要持有这张pass,从10月3日至11月20日之间,你可以坐在那儿吃到饱。想吃多少就吃多少。同事你也可以得到可口可乐的无限续杯。本次活动只限堂食,不得外带!



  1. What is the Never Ending Pasta Pass ?The Pasta Pass® allows Passholder to enjoy the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion at Olive Garden as many times as they wish in-restaurant for 7 weeks. That’s right – unlimited food at Olive Garden for 7 weeks! Passholders and their guests also receive complimentary Coca-Cola® soft drinks. The Never Ending Pasta Bowl Promotion (and Pasta Pass redemption period) is October 3-November 20, 2016. The Pasta Pass is not available for redemption with ToGo orders, but in-restaurant redemptions are unlimited with your Pass.

  2. How many are available for sale?There are two ways you can purchase a pass:1. Through the online sale being held on September 15 at 2pm ET. The sale will officially last 1 hour, but Passes may sell quickly (as has happened the past two years).2. Via a charity auction that will immediately follow the sale

  3. Last year, all available Pasta Passes were claimed in one second. This year, we’re increasing the amount of Pasta Passes in circulation to let more guests take advantage of never ending pasta! We will be offering 21,000 passes in the online sale.

  4. The sale will be immediately followed by an auction for charity – Olive Garden will be auctioning 21 Pasta Passes with all sales proceeds benefiting the hunger relief organization Feeding America®.

  5. Can I share the Pasta Pass with a friend or family member?The Pasta Pass is intended for use by the Passholder whose name appears on the printed Pasta Pass. Pasta Passes are personalized and non-transferable without authorization. If you have an Individual Pass, the pass is intended for your use only, although any guests may take advantage of the complimentary Coca-Cola® soft drinks.

  6. Can I order Never Ending Pasta Bowl ToGo and use my Pasta Pass?In order to ensure all guests have a great experience, Pasta Pass is redeemable only when dining-in at Olive Garden. Enabling ToGo with such a large number of Pasta Passes risks order delays for Pasta Pass and other Olive Garden guests. As a result, Pasta Pass may not be redeemed for ToGo or online orders.

  7. How much does the Pasta PassCost during the sale?$100 + sales tax, with free shipping

  8. Is tax applicable?Sales tax will apply to the online Pasta Pass purchase.

  9. Sales tax will not be applicable for Never Ending Pasta Bowl items & and soft drinks covered by the Pasta Pass.

  10. Sales tax will be applied to any remaining balance (non-qualifying purchases such as appetizers, desserts, etc.)

  11. Can I expedite shipping?Only (free) standard shipping (2-7 business days) is available. All passes purchased on Sept. 15 will be received prior to the Oct. 3 launch of the Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion.

  12. Is there an age restriction for purchase of the Pasta Pass?Guests must be at least 18 years old to purchase a Pasta Pass.

  13. I want to purchase a Pasta Pass for someone else – can I do that?Yes – use the name and shipping address of the recipient, but use your name and billing address for payment. Be sure to put the recipient’s name in the required “Name to be Printed on Pass” field as part of the checkout process.

  14. Do I need to show an ID to use the Pasta Pass?We reserve the right to ask for identification when redeeming the Pasta Pass.

  15. Does my Pasta Pass cover other beverages (coffee, iced tea, alcoholic-beverages, etc.)?In addition to Coca-Cola® soft drinks, you may enjoy unflavored iced tea with your Pasta Pass. Other beverages (Bellini Peach-Raspberry Iced, Raspberry Lemonade, Limonatas, Coffee, etc.) are not included.

  16. Is gratuity included?No, gratuity is not included – but is always appreciated. A gratuity may be left with cash or credit card when using your Pasta Pass.

  17. Can I use my Pass at Canada or Puerto Rico Olive Garden locations?The Pasta Pass is valid only at US locations, excluding Puerto Rico.

  18. Is the Pasta Pass valid for gluten-free pasta?Yes – our Gluten-Free Rotini is in the Never Ending Pasta Bowl lineup. Combine with Traditional Meat Sauce and Italian Sausage for a complete meal without gluten-containing ingredients.

  19. I have a different question that is not addressed here. Who should I ask?We welcome your questions. Please call us Monday-Friday 10am-4pm ET at (844) 209-3484 or engage with us on social media via Facebook or Twitter.

Ikea Crawfish Party





Red Lobster Endless Shrimp


自9月6日开始,Red Lobster“无限大虾”活动又开始啦!价格为$17.99起(部分门店价格可以上下浮动),包括五种口味大虾(新添两种口味大虾)和两种蔬菜!


Red Lobster在Costco有礼品卡出售。可以用Chase Freedom前往Costco购买。或者也可以在本地超市购买。获得更多优惠折扣。具体内容请见此链接