Maximizing Delta’s 1000Miles per Partner Offer


Delta Airlines has a limited-time offer: earn 1K bonus miles per new participating non-airline partner, up to 25K bonus miles. The article will help you maximizing the bonus Delta Skymiles from this offer.

Offer Details

Earn 1,000 bonus miles for each new participating SkyMiles partner you earn miles(The term “New” refers to a partner the member has not earned miles with during the period from March 24, 2016 to March 23, 2017.)

Remember to register the offer first!!!

Offer Landing Page and Registration:

Offer Period:March 24, 2017 through June 30, 2017.

Participating Partners:Credit Card Partners, Hotels, Car Rental, Limo & Shuttle, Cruises and Vacations, Dining, Retail and Specialty, Financial Partners, SkyMiles Shopping and SkyMiles Dining.

How to Maximize this Offer

Let’s introduce different ways you can earn bonus miles from this offer. Travelafterwork values Delta Skymiles at a minimum of 1.2cents per mile(we’ve been able to use Skymiles at a higher value though), so if the cost is less than $12 for a partner, it worths a try. Or you are going to use this partner anyways (Just note you should have never earned Delta Skymiles from this partner during March 24, 2016 to March 23, 2017 to be eligible for the bonus miles).

Credit Cards

Technically if you apply a new Amex Delta co-branded credit card and haven’t earn any Skymiles during last year (referring to March 24, 2016 to March 23, 2017), then you’ll earn a bonus 1000 Skymiles besides the welcome bonus. It’s not recommended unless you have a good targeted offer.

Or if you hold a Delta credit card but you (for some reason lol) haven’t used it during last year, you should be able to earn 1000 bonus Skymiles by using it for any purchase during the offer period (Please note Skymiles post until statement date). 。


Simply make a portal purchase through SkyMiles Shopping to earn 1000 bonus miles if you haven’t during last year. Or purchase at,Vinesse Wine Club etc to earn 1000 bonus Skymiles per partner if you haven’t used it last year,check out the complete shopping partner list on Delta’s Website.

Car Rental

Earn 1000 bonus Skymiles at any CAR RENTAL, LIMO & SHUTTLE service below if you haven’t earn Skymiles from it last year. Remember to include your Skymiles number when making the reservation or picking up the car.



Join Skymiles Dining to earn welcome bonus (up to 3000 Skymiles) and 1000 bonus miles through this offer. If you already have a Skymiles Dining profile but never dined through Skymiles Dining, you should be able to get 1000 bonus Skymiles by dining at any participating restaurant in the Skymiles Dining  (I’m able to earn 1000 bonus Skymiles by just purchasing a cup of coffee at a local cafe shop in Skymiles Dining)。

Hotels & Aibnb

You can earn the 1000 bonus Skymiles by staying at each participating hotel brands and choosing to earn Skymiles for the stay OR converting loyalty points to Skymiles (YMMV) .


Book a airbnb stay thourgh and complete the stay during the offer period to earn 1000 bonus Skymiles.

Delta Hotel

Book a hotel stay through Delta ( and provide your Skymiles Number,complete the stay during offer period to earn 1000 bonus Skymiles. Not bad if you have a upcoming non-chained hotel stay.


SPG Platinum Member may be able to transfer just 1 Starwood Points to Skymiles to earn 1000 bonus skymiles, which is almost 1000 free miles. Here is what I did (I have friends didn’t get the bonus 1000 miles so it’s a YMMV case): I get the 1000 bonus miles the next day:  However, SPG Gold Members have a minimum of 1500 points when transferring to airline miles, which means converting 1500 SPG points(worth about 30 Dollars to 40 Dollars) for 2500 Skymiles (Minimum value of 30 Dollars)。Only recommended if you need some Skymiles very soon. For General SPG members, transferring starts at 2000 Starwood Points, we don’t recommend transferring 2000 Starwood points for 3000 Skymiles.

Another way to earn the bonus through Starwood hotels is elect to earn 2 Skymiles per 1 Dollar spendat Starwood hotels instead of Starwood Points and complete a Starwood hotel stay. (change your earning preference at this page : If you are a Starwood General Member or Gold Member and have a upcoming stay at Starwood hotel (booked through Starwood) you can elect in earning Skymiles and change the preference back after earned the bonus Skymiles.

Crossover Rewards

Delta SkyMiles Medallion members earn miles on top of Starpoints for stays with Starwood hotels through Crossover Rewards. Delta has listed this method separately from above, so it might be another 1000 bonus Skymiles.

Club Carlson

Club Carlson points can be converted to Airline Miles starting at 2000 points and get 200 Skymiles,So if this qualifies for the offer (I don’t have Club Carlson points so I can’t verify), it’s 2000 Club Carlson points (value at $8) for 200+1000=1200 Skymiles (value at $14),pretty good if you have Club Carlson points.

Staying at Club Carlson and select Skymiles as earning preference also qualifies for the offer.


Although Starwood is already acquired by Marriott, Marriott is seperated from this offer with Starwood as they operates as two different brands now.

Transferring Marriott Reward Points may trigger the offer but Marriott transferring starts at 10000 points at a 10:2 ratio, which means you are spending 10000 Marriott Reward Points (Equals 3333 Starwoods and can to converted to 3333 Skymiles at anytime)  for 2000+1000=3000 Skymiles,something you should never do。

So the only way to use this offer is staying at a Marriott property and select Skymiles as earning preference.


Hilton points transfer starts at 10000 Honor Points at a 10:1 ration to Skymiles. 10000 Hilton Points ($50) for 2000 Skymiles ($24) is not recommended unless you only have 10000~ Hilton points and don’t know how to redeem them (10000 Hilton Points are hard to use in U.S but with Hilton’s new Cash & Points option, it’s still very likely to redeem at a value better than $24 ).

Staying at Hilton and select Points & Miles (Skymiles, of course) as earning preference is a good way of getting the bonus Skymiles if you have an upcoming stay at Hilton, as this won’t block you from earning Hilton Base Points.


Hyatt Transfer starts at 5000 Points with a 2.5:1 ration to Skymiles,so 5000 Hyatt Points($75~$90) for 2000 Skymiles ($36), not a good choice.

Staying at a Hyatt property and select Skymiles as earning preference (you can only change your earning preference at the front desk of a Hyatt hotel) also qualifies for the offer.Remember Hyatt gives 500 Skymiles per stay regardless the rate or length of your stay, so don’t do this if your hotel rate is high (you can always earn at least 5X Hyatt points per dollar spend at Hyatt hotel)


IHG points transfer starts at 10000 at a 10:1 ration to Skymiles. 10000 IHG Points ($50) for 2000 Skymiles ($24) is not recommended unless you only have 10000~ IHG points and don’t know how to redeem them.

Staying at IHG and select Skymiles as earning preference qualifies for the offer too.

Below hotel brands also qualify for the offer: