【Expires on 9/30】北美地区租Hertz车三天得5000 Scandinavian Airlines 北欧航空 [SAS] 里程


北欧航空 [SAS] 为了庆祝成立25周年,推出了在Hertz网站租车获得5000 EuroBonus 活动。需要提醒的是,在北美地区(美国和加拿大)租车必须租满三天才能获得5000 EuroBonus,而在世界上其他地区租车只需租一天即可获得5000 EuroBonus。如果你租满五次,就可以获得花25000里程兑换中国往返中亚的机票了!




  • 预订时间:2017年4月1日-2017年6月30日。
  • 取车时间:2017年4月1日-2017年9月30日


  • 在Discount/CDP/Club Code一栏输入 736686
  • 在Promotional Coupon (PC)一栏输入 203592
  • 在Rate Code (RQ)一栏输入 PPP


  • 请在预订时填入你的SAS常客号并且在取车时向客服告知你的SAS常客号。
  • 你将于2017年10月5日收到奖励里程的通知,并且奖励里程在稍后时间打入你的账户。
  • 此offer不能与其他offer,discount或者promotion合并。
  • 在北美地区(美国和加拿大)租车必须租满三天才能获得5000 EuroBonus,而在世界上其他地区租车只需租一天即可获得5000 EuroBonus。


Terms and Conditions

  • Booking period: 1st April – 30th June 2017

  • Pick up period:  1st April – 30th September 2017

  • Minimum rental length is one day.

  • Must use Discount code CDP 736686 to receive the discount and Promotion Code PC 203592 to receive the 5,000 SAS EuroBonus Extra points and your special conditions.

  • Please quote your EuroBonus member number at time of booking and show your card at time of pick up.

  • First 25 bookings made with this promotion which turn into a rental receive 25,000 EuroBonus points.

  • Customers are informed at 5th October 2017 and points will be credited afterwards to their account.

  • Customers need to be a EuroBonus member.

  • Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

  • Offer cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion.

  • For Domestic US & Canada rentals there is a minimum rental requirement of 3 days.

  • All rentals are subject to Hertz standard terms and conditions.

  • Hertz reserves the right to change or remove this promotion at any time.